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Save money on your HVAC system – yourself!

Maintain, save money, and extend the life of your HVAC system.

1. Replace the air filter every 1-3 months.

Even if the air filter doesn’t look dirty, make a habit of getting it changed every 1-3 months. Any buildup of dirt in the system dramatically reduces the efficiency of the system and increases the running costs so changing it regularly is a great way to save money on your HVAC system yourself.

2. Give it a checkup twice a year.

Get your system checked by a professional at least twice a year. Research overwhelmingly suggests that having ‘preemptive’ preventative maintenance in the fall or spring will detect failures or issues in your system which are much easier to fix than in your time of ‘peak’ usage.

Whichever HVAC system you have, Speedy Air can help you maintain it.

3. Turn your AC off or adjust the temperature to 78° F when you leave the house!

It always saves more energy to shut your system off when you’re not using it. New programmable thermostats that can be pre-programmed or activated via your mobile phone can help save you money by automatically turning your AC off when you leave and on before you return. Talk to Speedy Air – we can help!

save money on your HVAC

4. Consider your whole house, not just your HVAC system.

A new HVAC system which is energy efficient is a great start but also consider the rest of your home: If you’ve got leaky window seals and poor insulation, the HVAC equipment won’t be as effective. Likewise consider carefully where to put the thermostat – if it’s too close to supply vents or windows, it may shut down the system prematurely or keep it running for too long.

5. Clear external debris.

Cut or remove plants near your condenser so that it can intake fresh air from all sides. Allow at least 12-15  inches of space around your equipment.

Top Tip: Turn off your unit and use a hose to clean off debris and dirt buildup.

6. Know the best operating temperature.

The optimal temperature for cost savings is approximately 78° during the summer and 68° during the winter.

7. Check the flame if you have a gas furnace versus heat-pump system. 

Your furnace flame should be a nice, clear blue flame. If it’s orange, wavy, or yellow, call an HVAC specialist.

8. Clean the condensatation drain line.

During the cooling mode, once a month pour a solution of 1 cup of bleach and 3 cups of “HOT” water, liquid drano or liquid plumber down the condensation drain-line to keep clear or algae.

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For more helpful advice on your heating or air-conditioner system contact me, Adam Bowen now on (912) 661-5905 or email support@speedyair.pro – I’d love to help you and we offer a no-obligation consultation.

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