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HVAC air odors! Your HVAC system’s primary functions are to control air temperature and airflow — not air HVAC air odors. And from time to time, you may notice that the air flowing out of your vents smells a little off. Certain odors are temporary and harmless, while others can be persistently irritating or may even signal a serious problem with your unit. Pay attention to these odors when you notice them, and be sure to take action if it’s […]
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Many people enjoy the cool, crisp air of fall and relish in pulling all those sweaters and jackets out of storage. But with those warm layers, homeowners are often tempted to maximize their energy savings in early fall when it’s too cool for air conditioning but not cold enough to require the furnace. If you’re waiting until the last minute to turn the furnace on, it’s still important to test your system as early as possible. Things can go wrong […]
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In many homes, the HVAC vents have fins that can be adjusted with a sliding switch. These fins can be used to direct airflow at a particular angle, but if you push the switch all the way to the side, they can be used to close off the vent entirely. You might think that you can save energy or send more airflow to other rooms by closing off the vents in unused rooms, but that’s not the case — not […]
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By now, you’ve probably read countless household energy efficiency tips designed to save you money. The one thing most of them have in common is that they all require at least a little bit of effort. Even if the effort is as small as remembering to turn off the lights when you leave the room, the strategy only works if you remember to do it — and then actually do it. We all know that doesn’t always happen. So its […]
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You never know when an emergency will strike. Unfortunately, 25 percent of American households have no savings on hand to help them pay for an emergency HVAC repair, according to national reports. The remaining population that does have cash set aside, half has less than $1,000, not nearly enough to cover the cost of a new HVAC system. Read on to learn how to avoid getting stuck in those 100 degree or freezing temperatures if your HVAC system kicks the […]
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