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5 Great Reasons to get your AC serviced

Get your AC Serviced!

You need to get your AC serviced. OK? Period! Regular servicing of your air conditioner can prolong the life and efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner can lose up to 5% energy efficiency and cost up to 20% more to operate. That’s a big expense.

Air conditioner servicing ensures that you have fewer repairs and a better functioning unit. It will leave you with peace of mind, knowing your air conditioning unit is providing your home or office with wonderful, breathable air.

If you service your air conditioning regularly there’s a whole host of benefits, to extending the life of your unit, to more efficient energy, reduced bills, and a cleaner home.

1. Regular air conditioner servicing extends the life of the unit

By regularly servicing your aircon, you will extend the life of your unit. As with any important appliance in the home, investing time and care into the unit will, in turn, provide you with a longer lasting, more efficient investment.

2. Increase efficiency

Who isn’t concerned with their energy bills? Getting your unit serviced at least once a year will mean a far more efficient machine which produces more cold air for less. Isn’t that reason enough to service your AC?

3. Avoids costly repairs with regular air conditioner servicing

Just like your auto, the more often you maintain your AC, the less likely you are to have a major break-down meaning unexpected costs or even having to repair the whole unit!

4. If you get your AC serviced you lose the mold and bacteria!

If you don’t maintain your unit, dust and grime will build up fast, leading to the growth of bacteria, mould and other nasties. This can also impact the functionality and efficiency of the AC unit, and can lead to break-downs. The quality of air is also much worse: Especially important for those with compromised health. Regular servicing negates these situations and avoids any expensive repairs.

4. Provides better air quality

If the air filters in your AC is not working properly or is dirty, the air you are breathing is poor quality air. During a servicing, other parts are also tested and maintained, and possible leaks are looked for. If an AC leaks refrigerant it can be potentially harmful to your health, so it is especially important to schedule regular servicing to avoid this situation.

5. Ensures consistency of air flow

On a real hot day, there’s nothing worse than turning on the AC and getting a weak stream of air out. Getting regular air conditioner servicing will ensure that your unit is functioning properly, the fans are maintained and the airflow regular and consistent.

And here’s a bonus!

6. Provides significant savings

We can’t stress this enough: Regular maintenance and servicing will save you a lot of money. Even though you are paying for the servicing, in the long-run this is a great investment in the quality of your home’s environment and you will save on expensive emergency repairs and of course your energy bills.

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